City Council

Regular Meeting

Council Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each Month and Committee of the Whole Meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each month. Meeting times are posted on the door to City Hall.

All regular and special meetings of the City Council are open to the public. There are only limited instances, prescribed by law, when Council will meet in closed session to protect the privacy rights of an individual or the public good (litigation cases, etc.).


The city council consists of 6 members elected by the city-at-large. Each council member has 1 vote that can be cast on each motion.

The mayor is elected separately and does not vote except in the case of a tie vote under certain circumstances. The mayor is the presiding officer of the council. In the absence or disability of the Mayor, the Mayor Pro-Tem shall be the presiding officer of the council. in the absence or disability of both, the council may designate another of it's members to serve as presiding officer during such absence or disability.

Four members of the council constitute a quorum and may conduct City business. Ordinances, resolutions and any action calling for the expenditure of funds require 4 affirmative votes to be approved.

Current members are as follows:

Functions of the City Council

The city council is the elected representative body charged with the responsibility for making and amending City of Yale ordinances, developing policy and making decisions for governing the city.

Duties & Roles

The role of the Council includes the following actions:
  1. Adopt and / or amend City ordinances (laws)
  2. Approve contracts and agreements
  3. Determine City Policies and Standards
  4. Determine how much money shall be spent and for what purposes
  5. Determine the amount of City taxes to be levied
  6. Represent the City locally, statewide and on the federal level