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About Us
Learn information about the City of Yale.

City Administration Personnel

City Council
The City Council is the elected representative body charged with the responsibility for making and amending City of Yale ordinances, developing policy and making decisions for governing the city.

Learn about the individual departments located within the City of Yale.

Ordinance Table of Contents
Listing of all City Ordinances by ordinance number.

Document containing a majority of the City of Yale ordinances

Ordinance 123A
An ordinance amending removal of snow from business sidewalks

Ordinance 152
An ordinance to regulate lot splits

Ordinance 154
Amends ordinance 131 re-adopting and codifying certain traffic regulations

Ordinance 155
An ordinance to increase predetermined fees for certain parking violations

Ordinance 170A
An ordinance requiring sidewalks to be repaired or replaced prior to the sale of property

Ordinance 173A
Amendment to Ordinance 173 Dog Ordinance

Ordinance 191
Providing for the regulation of certain adult-use marihuana establishments

Ordinance 192
To provide for the allowance and regulation of certain marihuana establishments
by amending the city's zoning ordinance